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Remoplains Pty Ltd has no parent company, holding company or subsidiaries. It is a privately owned family Company.

The business is committed to providing the best and most efficient plant and equipment hire and sales facility. Our goal is to provide fast and efficient service to all of our customers.

Remoplains Pty Ltd was appointed Queensland Local Government Supplier under contract no : BUS 100-0309 on the 5th December 2003 for the EQUIPMENT HIRE SERVICES to Queensland Local Government Councils, however this arrangement only ran until 4 December 2005 when it was abandoned as the LGA was unable to develop it into a workable system. No Hires or Enquiries were ever Received during or since that time, LGA expected the supplier to build relationships with Councils through personal Representation, Direct Mail, Media Communications and Advertising, and then pay them a fee for the work the Supplier had done.

The Principal, John Greedy, has been involved in the Earthmoving and Construction industry for over 40 years and has seen the industry grow from cable operated dozers, scrapers, shovels and drawn sheepsfoot rollers to the modern equipment of today. He was involved at the inception of the introduction of the self propelled vibrating rollers into Australia.


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